Not All SIPs

Are Created Equal


Not All SIPs

Are Created Equal






Our Smart Panels present superior thermal insulation (R-value), making them an ideal choice for energy-efficient construction projects. Utilising polyurethane instead of polystyrene, our panels also offer an enhanced fire rating. Additionally, our unique closed-cell system ensures superior structural integrity, rendering them exceptionally robust.

We distribute panels across Aotearoa and take pride in collaborating with individuals at every stage of their SIP journey. Whether you are an experienced professional or a novice, our commitment is to provide your team with all the necessary resources to effortlessly create an energy-efficient home.

There are numerous misconceptions regarding SIP’s, primarily stemming from the various manufacturing methods employed.

It is crucial to distinguish between different types of SIPs, as the materials used can profoundly affect the quality and performance of your home. Many SIPs available in the market utilise polystyrene, which significantly differs from polyurethane in terms of living conditions and overall advantages.

Polyurethane-filled panels offer superior fire ratings, thereby enhancing the safety of your home. Our closed-cell system ensures greater structural integrity and translates into a higher R-value, providing superior thermal insulation and increased energy efficiency.

Understanding these distinctions is vital if you wish to invest in a product that offers lower energy bills, improved safety, and a more comfortable living environment.

For a deeper understanding of the differences and benefits of NZSIPs, contact our friendly team today for a no-obligation discussion

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For a bespoke approach to energy-efficient building find out more about our Smart Panels which can be custom designed to suit your build. They provide superior thermal insulation, contributing to reduced energy costs and enhanced comfort in any sized residential or commercial building.

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The fastest, most cost-effective way to build a NZSIP home, bach, employee accommodation or granny flat! Check out our Kitset options and talk to our team about what’s needed to prepare your plot!

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We cater to a diverse range of homeowners, individuals who prioritise sustainability and energy efficiency, families focused on safety due to the superior fire ratings and structural integrity of the panels, and those seeking modern and innovative homes. Cost-conscious buyers appreciate the long-term savings on energy and maintenance, while custom home builders and those in extreme climates value the adaptability and resilience of NZSIP homes.

We understand the importance of providing support and resources to builders, architects, and engineers to make sure our smart panels are successfully installed no matter where in NZ you are located. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the manufacturing process, encompassing a range of design and on site support options to assist industry professionals at every stage of their project.


We chose NZSIPs because they are local, pragmatic, affordable and we could adapt their floor plans which really helped with our short timeframe for the build. We live in a high wind zone with extreme weather at the foot of the Southern Alps and we wanted strong a passive home with minimal running costs and maintenance. We have now been in our home for over 2 years and we are so pleased with the performance of the sips product. Our family home is warm and dry in the winter and a cool retreat in the hot central summer. We live with the panels exposed in the house interior, sanded and oiled with natural wood oil. We love the unique and low key look, which hides marks from the children. We’d recommend NZSIPs for their performance focused product and service.

The three-day event was a great learning experience about SIP construction, a new material for New Zealand’s construction industry. The hands-on collaboration was the highlight, and I’m eager to work with NZSIP again.

The logical panel build process—numbering, placing, and standing them up—was straightforward and effective. Having been in the industry for a while, I believe that touching and feeling the materials is crucial for clients. More workshops would help change perspectives.

I was buzzing for a full week after getting back from Lauder. So much was achieved in such a short span of time. Such a coming together in cooperation of people that didn’t know each other before the event and now know each other well enough to work with each other in the future.

I was so happy for Abi & Dunstan, and loved seeing them work together on their home. Little Bill was the undisputed star of the show. He was everywhere! But most of all, it was looking either side of me and seeing architects and designers working alongside builders and product suppliers to help build a young family a healthy home!

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Some benefits of using our SIPs

» New Zealand made
» Warm and dry
» Energy savings
» Healthy home environment
» Efficient build
» High R Value

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