Our 150th Project

We took over Lauder for 3 days at our innovative three-day building event showcasing the efficiency and potential of structurally insulated panels (SIPs), provided by the NZSIP team, in constructing sustainable homes. NZSIP were instrumental in this demonstration, collaborating on the off-grid home of Abi and Dunstan. 

The Brook-Millers are constructing a 109m2, energy-efficient, three-bedroom home. Despite their family of five, the Brook-Millers opted for a smaller, energy-efficient home over a larger, conventional one, recognising their preference for quality over quantity. The home is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and healthy, with Smart Panels ensuring a strong, airtight, and super-insulated building shell.

The event kicked off with an engaging NZSIP demonstration, as we introduced the Camlock system to the attendees. This system, crucial for the assembly of the NZSIP Smart Panels, was a focal point for explaining the mechanics behind the panels that would form the walls and roof of the home. As the cornerstone of the master bedroom was put in place, the gathered crowd, comprising architects, engineers, clients, and tradespeople, split into teams to begin the hands-on construction work. Their goal was clear: to see the walls of the house rise seamlessly by the end of the event.

The teams worked with remarkable synergy, and by the final hour of the third day, the structure had taken shape—walls completed, and the roof securely installed with the assistance of the Clyde HIAB team. The emotional highlight was witnessing Abi and Dunstan walking through their nearly completed home, looking out through the windows installed by STARKE on the third day, perhaps visualising their future in this new space.

As the ever-diligent overseer, I ensured that all tradespeople were not only satisfied with their tasks but also fully understood the innovative construction process. Our efforts underscored the educational aim of the event—to not just build a house but to disseminate knowledge about sustainable building practices.

The event was more than just a demonstration of building technology; it was a communal learning experience that left a lasting impact on all participants. Damien McGill, an engineer and founder of the Healthy Home Co-Operation, encapsulated the sentiment of many when he expressed his desire to relive the experience. The success of the build in Lauder was a testament to the potential of NZSIP Smart Panels in revolutionising construction, particularly for those seeking sustainable, efficient solutions in home building

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