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For fast, affordable and energy-efficient bespoke builds.

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Embark on a firsthand experience and witness the impressive efficiency, affordability, and energy-saving prowess of our tailor-made NZSIP Smart Panels. We showcase that with our complete smart building system, you can build a weather-tight, super-insulated floor, wall & roof building shell within a matter of days  
If you are:   
– planning to build  
– a builder interested in building with SMART panels  
– an Architect or Engineer looking to design with our panels or looking to further understand how our system works  
– Or just curious as to what a SMART panel is….  
Then come along to one of our installation workshops! Our goal is to give those interested the confidence and in-depth knowledge to install our product with ease! Be among the first to receive updates on event dates by registering below. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the future of construction with us.  
We also invite industry experts to talk about innovative building solutions that combine energy efficiency, durability, and design flexibility, working effectively in collaboration with our Smart Panels.  
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About Our Previous Workshops

150th Project In Lauder, Central Otago.

The 150th project of NZSIP, held over three days in Lauder, showcased the efficiency and potential of structurally insulated panels (SIPs) in constructing sustainable homes. The event featured the building of a 109m², energy-efficient, three-bedroom home for the Brook-Miller family, who prioritised quality and sustainability over size. NZSIP provided Smart Panels, ensuring a strong, airtight, and super-insulated building shell.

The house incorporates several innovative features for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency. NZSIP Smart Panels on walls and roof minimise heating requirements, reducing ongoing costs and improving comfort.

The event began with a demonstration of the Camlock system used to assemble the panels, followed by hands-on construction by attendees, including architects, engineers, clients, and tradespeople. By the end of the event, the walls were up, and the roof was securely installed. The emotional highlight was seeing Abi and Dunstan Brook-Miller walk through their nearly completed home, visualising their future.

The 150th Project was more than a construction demonstration; it was an educational experience on sustainable building practices.  The event underscored the potential of NZSIP Smart Panels to revolutionise sustainable construction, leaving a lasting impact on participants.

Check Out The Feedback On Our Workshops

Senior Architectural Designer: Warren Clarke

The three-day event was a great learning experience about SIP construction, a new material for New Zealand’s construction industry. The hands-on collaboration was the highlight, and I’m eager to work with NZSIP again.

The logical panel build process—numbering, placing, and standing them up—was straightforward and effective. Having been in the industry for a while, I believe that touching and feeling the materials is crucial for clients. More workshops would help change perspectives.


Ngā Mihi,


Director of Healthy Homes Cooperation: Damien McGill

I was buzzing for a full week after getting back from Lauder. So much was achieved in such a short span of time. Such a coming together in cooperation of people that didn’t know each other before the event and now know each other well enough to work with each other in the future.

I was so happy for Abi & Dunstan, and loved seeing them work together on their home. Little Bill was the undisputed star of the show. He was everywhere! But most of all, it was looking either side of me and seeing architects and designers working alongside builders and product suppliers to help build a young family a healthy home!


Cadence Architectural Design: Adrian Taylor

I thought the Lauder event was just brilliant. The big positive for me was the genuine interest and desire to learn from the builders that were there, it restored my faith in the future of the industry. That, and the general sense of teamwork, made the whole workshop a real pleasure.

Its always a pleasure to collaborate with NZSIP, as I know it means my client is going to get a warm, dry, comfortable, energy efficient home.

A big thank you to all the team involved in making the event happen, I had a great time and wouldn’t hesitate to get involved again given the opportunity


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