For fast, affordable and energy-efficient bespoke builds.

Come and see NZSIP’s in action!

Join us at the heart of Lauder for an immersive three/four-day event, meticulously crafted to spotlight the seamless assembly of our cutting-edge Smart Panels. Throughout the 109m2 construction, engage in workshops and enlightening talks held throughout each day.

Embark on a firsthand experience in Lauder and witness the impressive efficiency, affordability, and energy-saving prowess of our tailor-made NZSIP Smart Panels.

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The Location:

In the Manuherika Valley, tucked between the Dunstan Mountains and the Raggedy Range lies the small settlement, Lauder. Approximately 35 kilometres from Alexandra, Lauder popped up as a servicing town for the Otago Railway. The ballast rock, which provides stability and drainage for around the train track, was quarried near Lauder so the township was key in the Otago Railway construction. 
With the popularity of the Otago Central Rail Trail, Lauder is an excellent base for residents looking for a unique rural setting, with a great community, and no better place for our 150th Project to take place using NZSIP Smart Panels.

About the Clients: 

The clients express a preference for a small, energy-efficient house over a larger, conventional one. They are currently living in a 54sqm home with a young family therefore they’ve realised that they don’t need a huge amount of space – they’d much rather build a better home, than a bigger home. 
The couple want a home that is durable, aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Strong, airtight, and super-insulated to maintain a stable interior environment, our New Zealand-made structural insulated panels are the perfect material to build next-generation, healthy, energy-efficient buildings. 
The challenges of grid connection, including the distance up the hill, require additional costs for cabling, transformers, and trenching through road reserves therefore the clients will be building an off-grid home. Having lived off-grid in their current residence, they have valuable insights into the required system. Furthermore, they appreciate the lifestyle benefits, citing the prevalence of power cuts in the area, making their off-grid setup advantageous in providing a reliable power source. By using NZSIP Smart Panel, the building will require a lot less heating so the couples ongoing running costs are significantly reduced, and comfort levels increased for the young family. 

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