Passive House

What does it all mean?

Below is a guide to what some of the terms you might hear thrown around when talking SIP and passive house building.

What is BRANZ Appraised

A BRANZ Appraisal is a robust, in-depth and independent evaluation of a building product or system to assess whether it is fit for purpose and meets Building Code performance requirements.

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What is a Passive House

Passive House is a fabric-first approach to achieving healthy and comfortable buildings. A clearly defined standard and a quality management system that produces buildings that deliver on all aspects of occupant well-being while consuming very little energy. There is no longer a need to burn fossil fuels to power the spaces where we live, work and play!

Follow this link to visit the Passive House Institute New Zealand and see some great projects NZSIP has been involved with

What is Homestar

Homestar is a holistic tool that awards points across various credits to rate a home’s performance and environmental impact. There are mandatory minimum requirements to recognise design elements and appliances that provide options for keeping the home, warm, dry, well ventilated and resource efficient.

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What is a Blower Door Test

A blower door test is used on buildings in order to quantify the amount of air leakage through its enclosure. During this test, a calibrated fan is installed in an otherwise sealed door or window, while all the other openings to the exterior are closed. When the fan is turned on, it creates a pressure difference between the outside and the inside. Typically done under negative pressure, the fan sucks the air out of the home, causing it to come in through whatever pathways it can find — many of which are unintentional.

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What will an NZSIP home cost to build?

Are SIPs builds more expensive?

The costs for a SIPs build are similar to a 140mm timber framing build. This is due to the fast construction of the building shell, saving you on labour costs. The major benefit is that NZSIP Smart Panels have significantly higher thermal performance and comfort levels, substantially reducing your running costs.

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