Smart Panels for Builders, Architects & Engineers

Designed for fast, affordable and energy-efficient bespoke builds.

The Smart Building System consists of three Structural Insulated Panel components integrated within one system. These components are:

Smart Roof

NZSIP Smart Roof panels provide maximum insulation without loss of internal living space.

Smart Walls

Our Smart Walls take just hours to install with their unique cam-lock connection system.

Smart Floor

Smart Floors are a super-insulated alternative to traditional slab or pile foundations.

Why use NZSIP Smart Panels?

Grand Designs

The highest-value item in a beautiful new home is the sense of ‘whole house comfort’. Smart Panels are the most logical build method to achieve a unique design style and keep these high levels of total home comfort.

Have a complex or grand design? Our unique Smart Panel design system, combined with our panel injection moulding factory, means anything is possible—without compromising exceptional thermal and structural performance or architectural integrity and flair.


Long-term, stable tenancies are more likely thanks to low running costs and dry, warm, comfortable living spaces.

If you are looking to build multiple homes, or small multi-residential apartments, the pre-fabricated build process of Smart Panels cannot be beaten. Multiple builds can be completed in record time, enabling quick turnaround on development sites with minimum truck movements – and reduced construction noise for neighbours. Each build is literally put together with an allen key and an impact driver – all in a matter of days.

On multiple builds, pre-installed conduits for electrical services can reduce on-site labour and remove the need for internal cavity battens – this provides a fast platform for on-panel paint, and/or cladding finishes, to save further time and money.

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