Smart Panels for Homeowners

For fast, affordable and energy-efficient bespoke builds.

Our Smart Panel building system consists of three Structural Insulated Panel components that integrate to make one healthy, energy-efficient home.

Smart Roof

Smart Roof panels provide maximum insulation without loss of internal living space.

Smart Walls

Smart Walls take just hours to install with their unique cam-lock connection system.

Smart Floor

Smart Floors are a super-insulated alternative to traditional slab or pile foundations.

Why use NZSIP Smart Panels?

This is the future.

By choosing to use NZSIP Smart Panels, your builders can complete a weather-tight, super-insulated, airtight shell in a matter of days—not weeks. Trades can complete high-performance builds up to 50% faster, and with 50% or better performance than conventional timber frame construction solutions.

Using Smart Panels for your core building envelope is much simpler, involves much less labour, and delivers insulation R-values far superior to that of conventional timber frame builds.

We aim to make your build as seamless as possible by supplying all the components required to install your panels, including screws, tapes, wraps, and engineered timber. For detailed information about what is included:

Building with Smart Panels is also easy – have a look at our 10-step build process.

Benefits of Smart Panels for Homeowners

  • Healthier Indoor Environment
  • Cost Effective
  • Strong and Durable
  • Quiet and Comfortable
  • Airtight (fewer draughts)
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Quick to Install
  • Helps Reduce Allergens
  • Reduced Moisture
  • No Cavity for Mold Growth
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What is it like to Live or Work in a Smart Panel Building?

Total comfort starts with a smart building shell. See all the different types of homes that can be built with Smart Panels – Living in a Smart Panels home.

You can experience an entirely new standard of living, regardless of the size or style of your build.

Providing European-style levels of comfort with the ability to build to Passivhaus standards, Smart Panels keep your home at an even, comfortable temperature, regardless of the climate outside.

High-performance Homes

If you have an aspiration to build a low-energy home, certified Passive House or Net Zero Home, Smart Panels are the ultimate starting point.

To achieve a high-performing home you need three key elements:

  • continuous high-quality insulation,
  • no thermal wicks that will compromise your insulation,
  • and a draft-free shell so you don’t lose your valued winter warmth or cool temperate air in summer to the outside elements.

Smart Panels combine all of these key performance components into one simple-to-use building system that makes it easier to achieve year-round comfort with less building effort and cost.

Cost Effective & Small Footprint Builds

The key to building an ‘affordable house’ is to achieve both an affordable build and, more importantly, low ongoing running costs.

With Smart Panels, you can achieve price parity against conventional stick frame construction due to pre-fabrication factory-built technology, and reduced onsite labour requirements. Couple this build saving with significantly lower heating and cooling bills (thanks to the superior insulation qualities of the panels), and you can truly achieve ‘affordable’ living.

Smart use of small spaces, and fast internal finishes, are hallmarks of a cost-effective build. Our 115mm wide R4.5 Smart Panels have up to 75% better cumulative R-value than a comparatively sized timber frame wall with conventional fibreglass insulation.

This marked improvement in insulation makes investment in complicated central heating systems unnecessary, which will save you thousands of dollars in heating systems and running costs.

To learn about other smart cost-saving measures please contact us.

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How to use Smart Panels for Homeowners

Unless you already have a build team, we recommend you start your passive-home journey by connecting with one of our recommended professionals.

We have put together a list of experienced professionals who have experience in design, building, and engineering with Smart Panels. So if and when you need to build a team, please visit our recommended professionals page to learn more.

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What will an NZSIP home cost to build?

Are SIPs builds more expensive?

The costs for a SIPs build are similar to a 140mm timber framing build. This is due to the fast construction of the building shell, saving you on labour costs. The major benefit is that NZSIP Smart Panels have significantly higher thermal performance and comfort levels, substantially reducing your running costs.

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