Smart Panels by NZSIP

For fast, affordable and energy-efficient bespoke builds.

The Smart Building System consists of three Structural Insulated Panel components that integrate to make one system.

Smart Roof

Smart Roof panels provide maximum insulation without loss of internal living space.

Smart Walls

Smart Walls take just hours to install with their unique cam-lock connection system.

Smart Floor

Smart Floors are a super-insulated alternative to traditional slab or pile foundations.

What is a Smart Panel?

Smart Panel technology is an advanced prefabricated Structural Insulated Panel system made up of two sheets of Strandboard with an injection moulded high-density super-insulated polyurethane core, which is bonded to the board in our 40-tonne moulding press.

A weather and air-tightness membrane is supplied for onsite application to the wall panels to provide a finished exterior surface to the panel.

The cam-lock technology pulls the Smart Panels together during the construction process for an easy, fast install and a strong air-tight bond between panels.

Our Smart Panel product options include:

  • R4.5* insulation value
  • 30/30/30 fire resistance level (FRL)
  • 90mm of high density PUR foam core
  • 90mm LVL framing for doors and window frames
  • 20kg/m2 for standard wall panels
  • *R value at zero degrees centigrade

Our Smart Building System is the next generation of energy-efficient, affordable technology.

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With the complete smart building system, you can build a weather-tight, super-insulated floor, wall & roof building shell within a matter of days.

With each of our Smart Panels being built in our NZ-first SIP prefabrication factory, we can build your Smart Panels quickly and efficiently. Manufactured in Cromwell, Central Otago, Smart Panels offer a superior building product made right here in New Zealand.

Local production removes the significant international shipping costs of comparable quality SIPs.

This is truly exciting future-focused technology that makes high-performance construction a real option.

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