What to Expect at our Lauder Build: 9th April 2024

To celebrate our 150th project, we are hosting an event showcasing our NZSIP Smart Panels in action. Over three days, we will be providing educational opportunities for more people to build better housing, while we showcase just how quickly we can install the walls and roof.

The 150th Project is going to be a collaboration between next generation builds. From the 2nd of May until the 4th of May, our 150th Project takes place in Lauder, Central Otago. We will hear from industry experts who have worked on this project on site: 
– Damien McGill, The Healthy Home Cooperation 
– Catherine McGregor, Pro Clima New Zealand 
– Benjy Simmons, Starke Windows 
– Adrian Taylor, Candence Architectural Design Ltd 
Henry Edney, MaxRaft

The Brook-Millers build is a 109m2, energy-efficient, three-bedroom home and is going to be the star of the show. Designed by Cadence Architectural Design, the home layout may be basic, but the incredible features are anything but! Starting from the ground up, with the MaxRaft premier fully insulated concrete slabs, the house will have comfortable home temperatures all year around and increased energy efficiency. 
Then our Smart Panels will be used on the walls and roof. By using NZSIP Smart Panel, the building will require a lot less heating so the couples ongoing running costs are significantly reduced, and comfort levels increased for the young family. This will ensure a super-insulated, air-tight smart building shell for the Brook-Millers, perfect for keeping the valued winter warmth or cool temperate air in summer to the outside elements. The windows will be triple-glazed PVC from Starke Windows, which are perfect for pulling together the thermal envelope.

The family of five expressed a preference for a small, energy-efficient house over a larger, conventional one. They are currently living in a 54sqm home with a young family therefore they’ve realised that they don’t need a huge amount of space – they’d much rather build a better home, than a bigger home.

The Brook-Millers home will be durable, aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Strong, airtight, and super-insulated to maintain a stable interior environment, our Smart Panels are the perfect material to build next-generation, healthy, energy-efficient buildings.

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